Robert Spoo


Articles and other contributions to periodicals

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  • (2013) “Introduction: Futures of Fair Use,” in id. at 1-9. [Coauthored with Saint-Amour and Jenkins.]

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Books authored

  • (2013) WITHOUT COPYRIGHTS: PIRACY, PUBLISHING, AND THE PUBLIC DOMAIN (New York: Oxford University Press, July 2013). [335 pages + index + 15 illustrations.]

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Chapters and other contributions to collective works

  • (2012) “Ezra Pound's Copyright Statute: Perpetual Rights and the Problem of Heirs.” COPYRIGHT LAW VOLUME II: APPLICATION TO CREATIVE INDUSTRIES IN THE 20TH CENTURY, ed. Brian Fitzgerald and Benedict Atkinson (Surrey, U.K.: Ashgate, 2012). [UCLA L. Rev. article (supra) invited for inclusion in Ashgate’s Library of Essays on Copyright Law.]

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  • (2010) Intellectual Property and Vietnam’s Higher Education System, with Dao Anh Tuan. REFORMING HIGHER EDUCATION IN VIETNAM: CHALLENGES AND PRIORITIES, ed. Grant Harmon et al. (Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer, 2010).

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